Long-time residents of Pacifica, Millard Tong and his wife Alicia purchased Picardo Ranch in January 2005. The ranch and the Picardo family have a long history in Pacifica dating back to the 1930's. Patriarch Luigi Picardo grew his vegetables here which he sold in his San Francisco store. When Luigi Picardo retired from the grocery business, the family began boarding horses on the ranch.

It was at the Picardo Ranch where Millard kept his first horse "Sam". To be closer to his horse, Millard and Alicia decided to move from San Francisco to Pacifica with the purchase of their first home in 1973.

With the passing of Luigi in 1975, the Picardo's gradually moved away from farming and working the land. When the family decided to sell the ranch in 2005, it was by chance that Millard learned of its availability, beginning the dream of "Millwood Ranch".

In April 2005, Millwood Ranch became a reality with the building of a new barn, arena, round pen, and the installation of new pastures.

Tucked away in sunny Linda Mar Valley, this 166-acre parcel of land offers many trails leading to the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.

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